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Julien LeRay - From France to Louisiana

Julien Alexandre LeRay:

Julien Alexandre LeRay was born on 1 Feb 1787, La Patorie (La Bernerie), France, son of Michel LeRay and Jacquette Chesneau. He was married on 12 Jan 1819, in Assumption Church, Plattenville, LA to Marguerite Euphrosine Dugas, born 1783, Nantes, France. She was the daughter of Joseph Dugas and Anastasie Barillot. Marguerite died on 6 May 1847, in Thibodaux, Louisiana and was buried on 6 May 1847 in St. Joseph Cemetery, Thibodaux, Louisiana. Julien died between 1860-70 in Thibodaux, Louisiana and is probably buried in St. Joseph Cemetery.

La Bernerie-en-Retz information:

Marguerite departed France on the ship Le Saint Remi on June 27, 1785. She was only 2 years old at the time. There were 325 people on board, along with 16 stowaways. On the voyage there were 15 deaths from scurvy and smallpox. After 75 days at sea, they arrived in New Orleans on September 10, 1785. More information on Marguerite can be found here:

Julien left France during Napoleon's rise to power  (circa 1817) to avoid joining the army. He told his Grandson Julien Augustin that he didn’t want to fight for that crazy man. His older brother Michel volunteered to serve in his place. He also left behind his parents and a  younger brother and sister.

The following information is ship records found by Marie-Pierre Merlet of France in April of 2002. She did extensive research for Scott LeRay (Owner of this site) in Louisiana and found most of the information on the Le Ray Family in France. The following information was taken from ship records in the town of Nantes, France. This is the information she found on Julien Alexandre LeRay: 

1800 – Julien was 13 years old and already a ship’s boy (helper).

1801 – Ship’s boy and sailed to Guadeloupe, which is an island in the                                        eastern Caribbean Sea, southeast of Puerto Rico.

1802 – Ship’s boy to serve on the ship "LA PENSEE"

1808 – Sailor in military service on the ship “Le Cassard”

1809 – 11 - Military service on the ship “L’Ocean”

1812 – 13 - Military service on the ship “L’Austerliz”

1814 -End of his military service. Came from Brest on December 2, 1814

Mar. 11, 1815 - Sailor on the ship “L’Attalante” that sailed to Louisiana. This was probably his first trip to Louisiana. This was a new ship built in 1815, which weighed 242 tons and was equipped with 2 cannons. The captain on this ship was Richel Roguet.

Feb. 28, 1816 - He returned to France.           

April 1, 1816 - He was a sailor on the ship “L’ Attalante”. The ship left Nantes, France in April 1816 and stopped first in Port Au Prince, Haiti that is located in the Caribbean Sea, west of the Dominican Republic. It then sailed to New Orleans and arrived there on July 1, 1816.  He was measured at 1 m 67 (tall) with dark hair and was listed as Master Crew. His pay was 50 livres as the surgeon and the cook. The captain’s pay was 200 livres.

Jan. 2, 1817 - The ship returned to Nantes, France after the trip to New Orleans. The captain wrote down information about each sailor on this trip. Many sailors abandoned the ship in Port Au Prince and some in Louisiana. Julien’s name was present, meaning he stayed on the ship and returned to Nantes, France.

Feb. 27, 1817 - He returned to Louisiana on the ship “L’ Attalante”. The ship arrived in New Orleans on June 16, 1817. Julien left the ship and never returned. The “L’ Attalante” returned to France on October 29, 1817 without him. He then made his way to the Plattenville, Louisiana area, which is where he married his wife in 1819.

Julien told his Grandson Julien Augustin that he landed somewhere up north, which was probably Port Au Prince, Haiti and that he didn't like the location. He then came to Louisiana and settled in the Plattenville area where he met and married his wife. The couple moved to Brule-Guillot near Thibodaux, Louisiana (circa 1822) and had a small farm. There is no church records of Julien's death. He is found on the 1860 census living with his son Alexandre, but does not appear on the 1870 census. This means he died between 1860 and 1870. He may be buried in the St. Joseph Cemetary or in Brule-Guillot. 

The following information on Julien LeRay was discovered by Goldie Legendre of Thibodaux, Louisiana in August of 2011. She has done extensive research on the LeRay family.

From: Acts of 1835-1838 by Judge Pierre Daspit

Location: Nicholls' Ellender Memorial Library

United States of America 7 August 1835

In the parish of Lafourche in the state of Louisiana, today the seventh day of August, eighteen hundred thirty-five, before me, Pierre Daspit, judge of the said parish, fulfilling the resident farmer of the said parish, native of la Bernerie, department of Loire Inferieure in the Kingdom of France, who by Francois Lucus, also a native of la Bernerie and now residing in New Orleans in the aforesaid state, who by this document accepts and acquires for himself, his heirs and assigns all goods movable and immovable which are due to the share of the said Mr. LeRay in the apportionment of the succession of the deceased Mr. Michel LeRay and Mrs. Jacquette Chesneau, his deceased father and mother, residing during their lifetime in the said la Bernerie; whose properties consist of:

1. A house situated in the village of la Patorie, parish of les Moutiers, with an adjoining stable and garden, bounded on the north by the house and garden of Michel LeRay, brother of the vendor, south by Houry, east by Rocan and west the street.

More information on the sale of their home can be found in this document.

Michel LeRay (Julien's older brother who remained in France):

These were the records found on Julien’s brother Michel, who volunteered to serve in Julien’s place. Michel was a Marine.

1808 – 14 - Prisoner in England.

July 6, 1814 - Arrived in Dunkerque, France, which is located on the northern coast.

1815 - Sailor on the ship “Le Dugay Trouin” that sailed to Martinique in the Caribbean.

1816 - He returned to France on the ship “Le Vigilant”.

1823 - He was married in 1823 at Sainte Marie (approximately 10 km from La Bernerie) to Marie Aimée Mouraud.

1824 - He was a sailor until this time. In 1824 he decided not to be a sailor anymore.

1831 - He became a sailor again. 

1835 - He is currently living in Sainte Marie (the village of the Gauviniere) while remaining the owner of his house in La Patorie. His home in La Patorie is next to his parents home, both now deceased.

1864 - He died in Sainte Marie, France on August 12, 1864, at the age of 79. 

Michel and his brother Julien, who came to Louisiana, died during the 1860's.

Michel had at least three children, two boys who died very young and a daughter who married and had three children.

Fidele Theozopie LeRay (Julien's younger brother who remained in France):

These were records found on Julien’s younger brother Fidele Theozopie LeRay:

1816-1818 - He was a sailor on the ship “Le Vigilant” with his older brother Michel. It is not known if Fidele had any children.

Jacquette LeRay (Julien's younger sister who remained in France):

This information was sent to me on August 19, 2012 from Marie-Pierre Merlet in France.


Jacquette LeRay was born 29/09/1789 in Les Moutiers, France. She was the daughter of

Michel LeRay and Jacquette Chesneau.


She was married on 5/08/1816 in Les Moutiers to Jacques Alexandre Joys, who was a naval officer. Jacquette LeRay lived in La Bernerie until 1861, then went with her son Jacques Joys to Arthon, France. She died on 14 March 1865 in Arthon, France. They have two children:

Jacques Michel Joys, born 18/06/1817 in Les Moutiers

Marie-Victoire Joys, born 31/8/1821 in Les Moutiers.

Jacques Joys, son of Jacquette had at least one daughter, Alexandrine Joys, who was married in 1863 to Jean-Marie Guilbaud in Arthon, France. What is important in this marriage, it is the father of Alexandrine, Jacques Joys was the Mayor of Arthon, France and more importantly, that one of the witnesses to the marriage is Michel Julien LeRay, brother Julien LeRay (who came to Louisiana), and was 78 years old.

Jacques Alexandre Joys died in Point à Pitre (Guadeloupe) 14/05/1826. He died at the military hospital in Point à Pitre. He was a Lieutenant on the ship "The Delphine" of Nantes.


2nd Generation:

Marie-Victoire Joys was married on 18/06/1839 in les Moutiers to Stanislas Gouy (boulanger). She was only 17 years old.

They did not stay in les Moutiers. I found them in the parish of Vue (15 kilometers from Moutiers, on the banks of the Loire), where Stanilas Gouy was born. They had two children:

Marie-Joséphine Gouy, born 13/04/1840 in Vue.

Stanislas François GOUY, born 08/12/1841 in Vue.

During this time, Stanislas was boulanger (baker) in the town of Vue. He worked with baker ouvrier (Auguste Morin) and they had a domestrique (Jeanne Briand). On the Census of population of 1841, the young Marie-Joséphine did not live with his parents but with grandmother Jacquette LeRay in La Bernerie.

Stanislas Gouy died 12/07/1847 in Vue. He was 30 years old.

Marie Victoire Joys Gouy stayed in VUE and was married for the second time on 29/04/1849 in VUE with Felix Morillon, born in Nantes. He was an innkeeper in the town of Vue. Jacquette LeRay (he mother) attended the marriage. They have two children:

Félicité Marie Morillon, born 01/02/1850 in Vue.

Théodore François Morillon, born 21/09/1852 in Vue.

During this time, Marie-Victoire was working with her husband as an innkeeper. They had a domestique (Jeanne Briand) and a boulanger (Auguste MORIN).

They lived Vue from 1852 to 1856, then went to Nantes where Marie-Victoire Joy Gouy Morillon died on 28/03/1856, she was 35 years old.


3rd Generation:

Felicite Marie Morillon was married 18/02/1871 to Adolphe Stanislas Paon.

Marie-Pierre Merlet found the descendants of Félicité Morillon and Stanislas Paon on the website GENEANET.


If you are a descendant of Julien LeRay (Thibodaux, Louisiana), you are related to this family. These are our cousins in France.

Children of Julien Alexandre LeRay:

Alexandre Jean Baptiste LeRay: 

Alexandre Jean Baptiste LeRay was born 10 Oct 1819.

Louis Theosophie LeRay:

Louis Theosophie LeRay, a Civil War P.O.W. was born 25 Aug 1824, Brule-Guillot, Thibodaux, Louisiana and married his first wife Julie Estelle "Celine" Esteve on 11 Nov 1852. She was born 1827, daughter of Fernando Esteve and Helene (Sivile, Silvie) Civile. Julie died 28 Jun 1879. Louis married his second wife, Leonide Ophelia Martin on 1 Nov 1879. She was born 6 Nov 1834.  Louis died on 22 Nov 1881 in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  Private Louis LeRay was a prisoner of war (Civil War), captured at Labadieville, Louisiana on the 27th of  Oct. 1862 and paroled at Thibodaux, Louisiana on 6 Nov. 1862. He belonged to Pvt. Co. ?, Lafourche Regiment, Louisiana Militia. Since Louis died without heirs and his only brother was Alexandre, it is probable that any other LeRay's in Southern Louisiana are not related. The LeRay's near Port Allen are descendants of Joseph and Charles Leroy, whose name was later changed to LeRay. They first settled in St. James Parish. Julie was a sister to Alexandre LeRay's wife, Artemise. Louis and Julie had no children. Leonide was a widow of John Malbrough with 7 children.

Second Generation:

Alexandre Jean Baptiste LeRay:

Alexandre Jean Baptiste LeRay was born 10 Oct 1819 in Plattenville, Louisiana and married his first wife Artemise Esteve on 28 Jul 1838, in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Artemise Esteve was born Cir 1816 and was the daughter of Fernando Esteve and Helene (Sivile, Silvie) Civile. She died on 24 Dec 1875. Alexandre married his second wife Rose Eulalie "Lalie" Allemand on 27 Jun 1878, in Brule-Guillot, near Thibodaux, Louisiana. She was born 14 May 1856 in Charenton, Louisiana and was the daughter of Francois Emanuel (Manuel) Allemand and Marie Falcon. "Lalie" died 16 Jan 1918 in Thibodaux, Louisiana and was buried on Jan 1918 in St. Joseph Cemetery, Thibodaux, LA.  Alexandre died 6 May 1895, Thibodaux, Louisiana and was buried: 6 May 1895 in the St. Joseph Cemetery, Thibodaux, Louisiana. Alexandre was a swamper, wood cutter and barrel-maker. He worked on Colonel James Allen's plantation near Thibodaux. This article is from The Assumption Pioneer newspaper of July 6, 1878 in which they quote the Thibodaux paper, the Sentinel: "The Sentinel announces the marriage in Brule Guillot of a resident "tres a l'aise" (easy going) and well known in Thibodaux, age 59, with a young girl of 22. Musicians serenaded the couple. Alexandre was 74 years old when his last child Henry was born. He died eleven months later. Rose was called Eulalie, not Rose. Lillian LeRay said her grandchildren called her Grandma Lalie. She was a beautiful and tiny woman with olive skin, dark hair and blue eyes. Lalie was Alexandre's house keeper when he decided to marry her. She is buried in Section 34 in the cemetery, along with her step-son, Jean Baptiste LeRay, Joyce Yvette and Norman Theresa Barrilleaux. This grave is a large concrete slab with a headstone and three iron crosses.

Third Generation:

More information on the children of Alexandre and his first wife Artemise:

Josephine LeRay was born on April 30, 1840 and died September 6, 1913. She married Jean Dugas and had 3 children.

Marcelin LeRay was born on April 26, 1842 and died on February 2, 1866 at the age of 24. He was listed as "dumb" on the 1850 Census and "Idiotic" on the 1860 Census. He never married.

Marie LeRay was born on February 5, 1844 and died on July 30, 1845. She was only one when she died.

Jean Baptiste LeRay was born on January 3, 1846 and died in September of 1911 at age 65. He never married.

Emile Ozeme LeRay was born on August 15, 1847 and died on February 7, 1927 at age 80. He married Aurelie Esteve and they had 3 children.

Euphrosine LeRay was born on May 7, 1849 and died on May 1, 1929 at age 80. She married Ernest Adams and they had 7 children.

Maximin LeRay was born in November 1850 and died on October 26, 1853 one month before his third birthday.

Alexandre Prosper LeRay was born on September 22, 1855 and died on February 14, 1936 at age 81. He had a farm with a house in the Brule, where he raised sugarcane. He never married.

More information on the children of Alexandre and his second wife Rose Eulalie "Lalie" Allemand: 


Julien Augustin LeRay was born on August 28, 1881 and died on February 16, 1962 at age 81. He worked for the police department in Thibodaux, Louisiana and spent some time working for a railroad company in Florida. He worked for Bowie Lumber Company as a Game Warden for most of his career. Julien was said to be a "Traiteur" which is French for Faith Healer. This power is said to be passed down from one generation to the next and from male to female. He and his wife Rosela Guillot LeRay are buried in his family tomb. They had 5 children.

Otis Joseph LeRay was born on July 9, 1883 and died on April 11, 1951 at age 68. He and his wife Emma Bonvillain LeRay had 11 children.

Marie Adelaide “Aida” LeRay was born on August 21, 1884 and died on November 4 1939 at age 55. She married Justilien Bonvillain and they had 7 children.

Julia Angelle LeRay was born on May 19, 1887 and died on May 14, 1979 at age 92. She married Jean Robert Roger and they had 11 children.

Albert Clinton LeRay was born on February 4, 1888 and died on May 3, 1909 at age 21. He was killed in the swamp by a falling tree.

Anthony Clebert LeRay was born on May 11, 1890 and died on February 24, 1896 at age 5 of yellow jaundice.

Henry Paul LeRay was born on May 14, 1894 and died on May 15, 1966 at age 72. He owned and operated a grocery store and gas station in Brule-Guillot in the early 1930's. His first wife Octavia and son's Ritney and Wilmer also worked for the business. Henry was six feet tall and his top weight was 309 pounds. He was also a logger in the swamps and worked as a carpenter at times. He moved to Morgan City in 1941. He worked in Morgan City as a bouncer and a card dealer. He retired in the mid 1950's. Henry died after a lengthy illness. He married twice. He and his first wife Octavia Angela Guillot had 6 children. Henry and his second wife Elise Marie Adams had 4 children. Henry’s father Alexandre Jean Baptiste LeRay was 74 when Henry was born and died 11 months later.

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Scott LeRay is Julien LeRay's Great Great Great Grandson.

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The entire LeRay Family from Thibodaux, Louisiana were offspring of Julien LeRay.