The LeRay Family Tree

The LeRay Family Tree


This site is dedicated to Julien Alexandre LeRay.

Julien was born  born on February 1, 1787, in La Bernerie, France. He was the son of Michel LeRay and Jacquette Chesneau. Julien came to Louisiana in 1817 and never returned to France. On January 12, 1819 he married Marguerite Euphrosine Dugas.

Julien and Marguerite had two sons, Alexandre Jean Baptiste LeRay and Louis Theosophie LeRay.  Louis, who was a Civil War P.O.W never had any children.

Note: The majority if not all of the LeRay children in this family were born in Brule Guillot until the 1930's. Brule Guillot is located on Louisiana Highway 309 just west of Thibodaux, Louisiana. This area is between Sixty Arpent Road and Sunoco Street.  

Alexandre married twice. He and his first wife Artemise Esteve had eight children. They were: Josephine LeRay, Marcelin LeRay, Marie LeRay, Jean LeRay, Emile Ozeme LeRay, Euphrosine LeRay, Maximin LeRay and Alexandre Prosper LeRay.

Alexandre and his second wife Rose Eulalie "Lalie" Allemand had 7 children. They were Julien Augustin LeRay, Otis Joseph LeRay, Marie Adelaide “Aida” LeRay, Julia Angelle LeRay,  Albert Clinton LeRay, Anthony Clebert LeRay and Henry Paul LeRay.

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The background for this website is an old postcard from La Bernerie, France. This is where Julien was born.

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According to, the meaning of the name Le Ray is French and is a topographic name for someone who lived by a spring, Old French rai, with the definite article le.

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Attention Le Ray Family!

Our distant cousin from France, Pascal Le Ray has decided to make a donation in remembrance of Jacques Donatien Le Ray de Chaumont who was a French "Father of the Revolution" and was born in Nantes, France in 1726.

Pascal's website, Le Ray's Family Donation Project explains how he plans on building a large Pipe Organ and donate it to Le Ray, New York or Le Raysville, Pennsylvania.

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